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FABulous Greece

Welcome to FABulous Greece

FABulous Greece is an innovative initiative hosted by “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools. It aims to establish the Greek spirit as a global center of knowledge, happiness and growth, accessible to people all around the world.

At its heart, FABulous Greece weaves a tapestry of connectivity, uniting individuals from diverse corners of the world, through an immersive exploration of the Greek language, philosophy and rich cultural heritage.

FABulous Escapes

FABulous Greece escapes are meticulously designed to provide enriching and immersive learning experiences for participants of all ages.

Student Specials

Students Specials are summer students programs.

They are specially designed to blend cultural experiences, exploration of historical monuments, acquisition of new skills and recreation.

Greek Easter

There is only one way to experience the Greek Easter. To be in Greece with Greeks and be surrounded by Greek families.

So you have the chance to feel, see, hear, smell and taste everything.

Greek Language School

Greek language courses are taught by FABulous Greece faculty.

They are based on the practices of modern communicative language teaching.

Half Day Experiences

For those who have already planned their trip, but they desire to live a unique and unforgettable experience for a few hours during the day.

FABulous Greece connects travellers with memorable activities.


FABulous Workshops is a unique experience.

Where Greek culture and local traditions meet innovation, and imagination knows no bounds.

Join us!
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