About Us

"Panagia Prousiotissa" Private School ( www.ppschool.gr )

The private school “Panagia Prousiotissa” is based in Agrinio, Western Greece, since 1957. It is among the oldest and more well-known private schools in Greece with 63 years of constant and successful educational services. Our students take the highest places in competitions and they succeed in all the high-ranking Greek and European Universities.We invest in our students by our scientific training, our teaching experience and our love for them.

"Panagia Prousiotissa" Creative School

Creative School “Panagia Prousiotissa” is a special and unique part of our school, which we are proud of. It develops innovative creative programs in a great variety for all the ages.. Our Creative School puts the arts and creativity at the heart of children's and young people's lives.

The guests of our Creative School get in contact with life and local people in modern Greece. They have the opportunity to enrich their experience and their education. They develop skills and express themselves in many different ways. They make new friends. They enjoy holidays. They visit places of interest and feel the greek culture.


Experienced teachers of Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Russian coordinate all our specially designed creative programs.