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Aggeliki Balaoura

Head of Educational Design and Cultural Programs

Aggeliki Balaoura is the co-owner of “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools – FABulous Greece. She belongs to the third generation of school leadership, continuing a legacy that began when the schools were established in 1957 in Agrinio, Greece. She graduated from the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education at the University of Crete and holds a Master’s degree (Med) from Nottingham University.

Aggeliki has actively participated in European youth exchange programs, including the European Federation for Intercultural Learning in Ireland. She has also engaged in specialized training on Learning Difficulties, New Technologies in Education, and Distance Learning, through institutions such as Ε.ΔΙ.Β.ΕΑ. (University of Crete). Her involvement extends to conferences such as “The 6th European Student Conference” held in Venice, under the auspices of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and workshops like “Culture and Environment” at the University of Western Macedonia.

She has been devoted to formal education for over 30 years. From 1991 to the present day, she has been teaching at the Primary Education level, at “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools. Additionally, she worked for 2 years in the United Kingdom, at a school within the Greek community of Nottingham, teaching Greek as a second language.

Aggeliki holds the position of Head of Educational Planning and Cultural Programs at “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools. Her contributions include the design and implementation of the educational part of the “Green Week 2020” in Agrinio and “A tribute to Gandhi”, in collaboration with the Indian Embassy.

On an annual basis, she oversees the organization of various significant events and programs at “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools. She takes charge of coordinating the Panhellenic Student Poetry Competition, a unique and prestigious event of its kind in Greece. Additionally, she leads the development of innovative interdisciplinary programs like “Magellan”, “Aristarchus” and “Demetra”, which are the school’s intellectual property, as well as “Thematic weeks”, theatrical performances, cultural programs, and closing ceremonies.

Many of the cultural initiatives within the schools are either written or adapted by Aggeliki herself, such as “Acheloos, the god of all rivers”, “Hercules and the Centaur”, “Pythia, a reversal”, “The Circle of shields” and “Education, the second sun”. She is also involved in writing children’s stories and activity books for kids, including titles like “Pebbles,” “Pheidias and the numbers,” and “Speech production Activities in Primary School.”

In recent years, Aggeliki has dedicated herself to designing and implementing interdisciplinary educational workshops and cultural activities, particularly focused on Greek culture and the environment. She is a driving force behind the innovative “FABulous Greece” program at “Panagia Prousiotissa” Private Schools, aiming to make Greek spirit a universal hub of knowledge, joy, and evolution for people worldwide.

Aggeliki also participates in Poetry and Photography competitions. She is married and a mother of three children.

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