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Greek Easter

The authentic Greek Easter

There is only one way to experience the Greek Easter. To be in Greece with Greeks and be surrounded by Greek families. So you have the chance to feel everything, see everything, hear everything, smell and taste everything.

FABulous Greece families make sure our guests feel the Greek traditions and customs. We make sure our guests feel real Greek Easter.

Greek Easter is about discovering hope. It is about realizing that life wins.

Our Excursions

  • Nafpaktos – Venetian castle and harbor
  • Trichonida Lake – the biggest lake in Greece
  • Messolonghi Lagoon – the biggest lagoon in Greece
  • Myrtia Monastery
  • Ancient Stratos theater and Zeus temple

The Experiences

  • Easter cooking class
    • tsoureki
    • Easter cookies
    • kokoretsi
    • magiritsa
    • egg coloring and decorating
  • Crucifixion – Epitaphios – Resurrection
  • Traditional festive Easter lunch
  • Greek dancing
  • Chalkounia (unique in Greece)
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