The Jewish community of Arta

The Jewish community of Arta was one of the oldest in Greece. The first information about it comes from the "Ride" by Spanish traveler Rabbi Benjamin Ben Jonas, who traveled to Greece in 1173. The "Ride" mentions that there were 100 Jewish families there who developed remarkable spiritual and religious activity. This activity intensified during the era of the "Despot of Epirus", during which Michael Komnenos granted Jewish freedoms to develop in the economic and cultural fields.

As the former president of the Jewish Community of Arta, Rafael Gyulis, wrote shortly before leaving the town: "In our new homeland, we will always remember and honor Arta as our hometown".

The Jewish community of Ioannina

The capital of Epirus is also the "capital" of Roman Jews, the center of the Greek-speaking Jewish world, whose roots are lost in time, reaching as far as the ancient Greek period.