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Messolonghi Lagoon - Kleisova

Messolonghi Lagoon

Nestled within the breathtaking expanse of the largest lagoon in Greece, the Lagoon of Messolonghi stands as a testament to the natural wonders of our planet.

Recognizing its ecological significance, a series of pioneering environmental programs have been established here, aimed at preserving and celebrating this rare and delicate ecosystem.

Through guided tours, educational workshops, and interactive experiences, visitors gain a profound understanding of the lagoon’s intricate web of life, from its diverse bird species to the unique plant life.

Private tour to Kleisova, Mesollonghi

  • Visit and guided tour at the Salt Museum – Tourlida
  • Ride in a traditional boat (priari) to the historical islet of Kleisova, with the chapel of Agia Triada – historical information about the battle of the same name
  • Eco-tour – Fishing techniques
  • Bird watching
  • Introduction to the unique fishing tool in the world, the “stafnokari”
  • Fishing with a rod and line
  • Hospitality in “pelada,” the stilted fishermen’s dwelling
  • Fish preparation using the local traditional recipe
  • Ouzo tasting, locally produced, and tasting of fish pastes
  • Water, juice, fruits
  • Souvenirs
  • English-speaking or French-speaking guide throughout the tour, knowledgeable about the region’s history and the importance of the ecosystem
  • Possibility of alternative appetizers, after arrangement for any guest who, due to allergies or other reasons, does not have a good relationship with fish


  • This program does not include a meal, but appetizers.
  • The boat ride with the “priari,” including the eco-tour and the visit to the islet of Kleisova, lasts for 1 hour.
  • Hospitality takes place in the stilted dwelling of Kleisova, which is accessible by road.
  • If the Salt Museum is omitted, the duration is set at 3 hours.
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